What iMergeAndSee is

iMergeAndSee is a multi-media outlet dedicated to bringing New York Culture, Trends, Fashion, Lifestyle and NightLife to the growing multi-cultral populos of NY and the global population at large. In serving the multitude of cultures present in the Melting Pot that is New York, we seek out, identify, uncover, rediscover all of NYC’s worldy treasures.

The iMergeAndSee audience is the eclectic New Yorker looking for more than the regular club scene, who’s looking for the best deals, who seeks more than just a regular Niche E- Zine, the intrepid New Yorker who has roots elsewhere. With our Music, Lifestyle, Entertainment sections We bring information they need with the entertainment they love.

With our own ads/classifieds listings and the Mall with user generated products we bring a means to make their mark, supporting local and independent artists, producers, designers performers and more.

iMergeAndSee is New York, its Music, its Lifestyle, its Fashion most importantly its about you. Share your stories with us at